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Heating Repair and Installation in Warrenton, VA

Trust the experts with your heating repairs

Trust the team at All-Star HVAC to keep your home warm this winter!

We offer professional heating installation at a competitive price, and with All-Star HVAC, you get professionals who stay current with the latest heating systems. Adding to this 25+ years of experience makes us the right choice for your new heating installation! We install and repair heat pumps, gas furnaces, mini-splits, dual fuel systems, and air duct installation. Our team listens and provides suggestions based on your home’s needs and your budget. Check out our reviews and see what past clients are saying about us!

Gas furnace installation and repair

Knowing what type of furnace and how it will work with your existing heating and cooling system can be confusing. Luckily, you have us! If it’s a heating repair that you need, our experts will diagnose the problem and get it fixed asap. We repair all makes and models of furnaces at an affordable cost to you. Strange noises, absence of heat, or higher than normal gas bills can indicate there’s a problem and a good reason to call us. Better yet, we recommend a yearly maintenance service on your furnace so you’re ready for the winter season! It’s usually during the winter when your furnace is working the hardest when homeowners discover there’s a problem. Let’s do our best this year to prevent that.

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Heat pump or dual-fuel?

Talk to our HVAC contractor and see if a dual fuel system is right for you! It means that your home can be comfortable in both winter and summer without the need for an unnecessarily high energy bill. Homeowners still get the energy-efficient heat pump for most months out of the year, but once the temperature drops significantly, the furnace kicks in and provides a warm toasty home. If you’re using a heat pump only, that’s perfectly ok! Some homeowners do not have access to natural gas or simply don’t want a furnace. For most, a heat pump provides year-round comfort, but for those of you seeking a warmer home during the winter months, a dual fuel system might be right for you!

Choose All-Star HVAC for your heating installation or repair!

If it’s time for your new heating installation or a heating and cooling repair on your heat pump, furnace, or mini-split, call All-Star HVAC in Warrenton, VA at 703-680-9911. Our team is happy to discuss the best heating system for your home!

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We put our customers first. We provide quality heating and cooling services for your home with the utmost care, in a prompt manner that is sure to meet all of your needs! Reach us at 703-680-9911 for a friendly professional waiting to help!

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