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The Fauquier History Museum at the Old Jail

The Fauquier History Museum at the old Jail is a great place to go if you want to learn about the history of the Fauquier County area. It is located at 10 Ashby St, Warrenton, VA 20186. More on Warrrenton. The museum is housed in two historical buildings, including a jail cell and the main area. It contains exhibits, relics, and even ghost stories.

The Fauquier History Museum at the old Jail is located in a former Fauquier County jail building that was built in 1808. The old jail was originally a jail that held up to forty inmates in each cell. However, in 1823, a new stone jail was built behind the old one, converting the older structure into a jailer's house. This building was used until 1966, when the jail was closed and the prisoners were transferred to a new correctional facility 2 blocks away. After the jail closed, the Fauquier Historical Society bought the old jail to use as a history museum.

The Fauquier History Museum is housed in an old Fauquier county jail complex in Warrenton, Va., 45 minutes to an hour's drive from Washington, D.C. It features two historical buildings and displays that tell the history of the county and its residents. The museum contains exhibits ranging from depictions of county life through the decades to original jail cells used by both maximum and general security inmates. It also hosts lectures and walking tours to help visitors learn more about the area's past.

While you're in the museum, you can tour the exhibits and the two jail buildings. The second building, which was built in 1823, is where the jail's kitchen used to be. The jailer lived in this building along with his family. His wife prepared the food for the prisoners in the jail next door.

The Fauquier History Museum at the old jail was originally constructed in 1808. It was expanded in 1823 after a lawsuit with the Commonwealth of Virginia. This four-cell jail saw death and disease in a short period of time. After the jail was built in 1823, the jailer's house was converted into the jailer's residence. This jailer's residence included a kitchen and second-floor bedrooms. The museum is still used today as the county's museum. Next article

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