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Sunny Knoll


The Sunny Knoll area of Warrenton, Virginia is nestled at the base of a hill with a beautiful orchard and a small lake. It’s an oasis and a true micro-neighborhood. This neighborhood has everything you could want in your perfect little suburb, including gorgeous houses, great schools and lots of space. When you live in Sunny Knoll, you almost forget that you’re just minutes from downtown Washington DC. But it isn’t all rosy here: there are some downsides to this idyllic community as well.



The History of Sunny Knoll

The area around Warrenton, Virginia has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. The earliest known inhabitants of the area were the Monacans, a tribe of Native Americans. Around the time of European colonization, the area was used for farming and other activities. Sunny Knoll was originally known as the Sunny Knoll Farm, and was owned by the Spindles family from around 1875 to 1950.


What It Takes to Live in a Suburb Like Sunny Knoll

Living in a neighborhood like Sunny Knoll is not for everyone. To live in such a small community, you’ll have to be pretty committed to the lifestyle. First, you’ll have to buy property in Sunny Knoll. While there are some subdivisions, the vast majority of the community is single family. And the average house is not large, especially compared to other communities in the area. Next, you’ll have to buy into a very particular lifestyle. Sunny Knoll is a very old fashioned place. There’s a strong emphasis on community, especially volunteering and philanthropy. Many residents also own their homes, which means they are very involved in their community, and are not just renters. Most of all, though, you’ll have to be ready to invest a lot of time into your home’s appearance. Sunny Knoll is a very old fashioned place, and houses are not only kept very clean, but are often brightly painted and landscaped.  Additional info


The Real Estate Market in Sunny Knoll

The real estate market in Sunny Knoll is not what one might expect, given the community’s name and reputation. Sunny Knoll is not a very desirable place to buy a home. This is because Sunny Knoll is not a very desirable place to live. Quite the opposite, in fact. Sunny Knoll is less a place to live and more of a lifestyle option. As a result, many residents simply want to live in their home, but do not want to buy a new house. This has created a very strange situation in the area: the demand for homes is low, but the supply is higher than average. This has driven up the price of homes in Sunny Knoll and created a real estate market that is in some ways unusual. Most communities around Warrenton are experiencing a softening or even a contraction in the number of homes on the market—but Sunny Knoll is experiencing a fairly modest rise.


Where to Stay in Warrenton, VA for Your Future Home

There’s no better place to stay in Warrenton for your future home than Sunny Knoll. This is not only an awesome little community, but an awesome little town as well. Sunny Knoll is a small town, and is a great place for an active single or a couple to find a home. It’s also a great place for a family, as it is located between two larger cities—Richmond, and DC—making it easy to get to either place. Sunny Knoll is unique in that it has great restaurants and shops as well as your typical small town amenities. It’s a great place to live, or visit.



If you’re a committed individual who is ready to buy into a particular lifestyle, move to a rural area and start from scratch, Sunny Knoll could be the place for you. The community itself may not be the most exciting place to live, but it has many values that make it an incredibly special place to call home. If you’re interested in learning more about Sunny Knoll, contact Warrenton Realtor Rachel Schreiber to get started on finding your future home. Browse next article

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