How HVAC Maintenance Matters 

Did you know that efficiency levels during summer or winter can decrease substantially?


Dirt buildup on condenser coils usually causes this inefficiency, but in some cases, it might also signal an even bigger issue.


Scheduling preventive care before the weather becomes too hot or too cold can avoid efficiency levels from dropping.


We recommend biannual tune-ups – one in the spring and another in the fall.

Home Inspections 

Keeping your home cool during summer and warm in winter is a tiring task for any system.


Without regular care, the burden of consistently maintaining the right temperature in your home can take a toll on your system.


Ensure maximum comfort levels all season long with regular inspections and preventive care appointments.


We wear shoe covers, use protective mats, and always clean our work area before leaving your home.

Professional HVAC Maintenance Service 

Scheduling annual maintenance services for your HVAC system is a critical investment to prevent high energy costs and future breakdowns.


At All-Star HVAC, we’re proud to provide comprehensive and affordable HVAC maintenance to homes and businesses in Prince William, NOVA, Fauquier, and Loudon Counties.