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Deerfield Estates


Deerfield Estates, also commonly known as Deerfield, is a small town located in Westmoreland County, Virginia. It is situated approximately 22 miles west of Upperville and roughly the same distance east of Richmond. This area was first settled by European settlers back in 1731. Today, there are just under 800 residents living in Deerfield Estates. This article will highlight some interesting facts about Deerfield Estates, its history, how much it costs to live there, schools in the area, things to do there and much more!



History of Deerfield Estates, VA

The land that Deerfield Estates is located on was originally part of the Allegheny Trading Post. Back in 1731, Richard Green (a British colonist) and his family were the first European settlers to settle in the area. At that time, it was called Green’s Station and was located around where the town now sits. Green’s Station was later named Deerfield and the town was officially founded in 1761. Green’s Station was a crossroads location where several important trails crossed. This was a very strategic area because of its location in relation to Richmond and the Chesapeake Bay. The town was one of the first places in the area where European settlers began to settle down permanently. Browse around this site


How much does it cost to live in Deerfield Estates, VA?

The cost of living in Deerfield Estates is very reasonable compared to the costs of living in larger cities in the United States. The cost of living in the city is currently 96.6% of the cost of living in San Francisco. It is also 76.9% of the cost of living in New York City. The cost of living in the city of Deerfield Estates is currently $62,094. This is an increase of 2.2% from last year.


Schools in Deerfield EstATES, VA

There are nine public schools in the Deerfield Estates area: Deerfield High School, Robert E. Lee Elementary School, Deerfield Elementary School, Clear View Elementary Schooll, Green Valley Elementary School, Green Valley Middle School, Green Valley Junior High School, and Green Valley High School. The Green Valley Middle School and High School are part of the Green Valley School District while the other schools are part of the Westmoreland-West Augusta Elementary District. Both of these school districts were formed in 1971. You should be able to find what schools are most suitable for your family. All of these schools offer a full range of educational programs for students of all ages.


Things to do in Deerfield Estates, VA

- Take a stroll along the Shadyside Trail - This trail is a 9.9 mile long paved path that travels through the entire town of Deerfield Estates. The trail begins at the Shadyside Community Park and winds its way through the entire town. This is a great way to see all of the town’s landmarks, like the Town Hall, the Fire Station, and the High School. There is also a playground and picnic tables along the trail where you can enjoy some time away from the city life. - Attend a summer concert at the Deerfield Estates Community Center - This outdoor amphitheater sits on the town’s grounds and is often used for outdoor concerts throughout the summer. They are also often rented for community events, like baby showers and birthday parties. - explore the Deerfield Estates Historical Society - The Deerfield Estates Historical Society is a small museum located in the town’s historic district. It features a variety of historic artifacts from the town’s past. This is a great place to learn a bit more about Deerfield Estates’ history. Next

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